Festival de magie de Québec


The Festival de magie de Québec continues to astound passers-by with its most recent campaign, created by lg2. In collaboration with Cortex, Astral Out of Home and Nova Film, the ad agency developed a TSA that can read people’s minds.

As commuters waited for the bus, the digital face of the Réseau de Transport de la Capitale (RTC) transit shelter offered to perform a magic trick for them, to help them pass the time. Participants were asked to pick a card, and the digital ad managed to guess their choice every time.

Although a good magician never reveals his tricks, we’re ready to bend the rules a bit. We concealed eye-movement detection technology under the surface of the TSA to predict which card was being chosen.

This is the 7th consecutive annual collaboration between the Festival, lg2 and Nova Film.

Clients: Renée-Claude Auclair and Pierre Hamon
Creative VP: Luc Du Sault
Creative Developer: Camille Gagnon
Account Services: Tania Pons Kilfoil
Technology & Programming: Cortex – Mathieu Tremblay, François Couderc, Jérémie Pelletier
Video Production: Nova Film
Production Management: Julie Pichette
Director: David Poulin
Engineering: Quatro Design
Infographics: Marie-Eve Roussy
Media: Astral Out of Home