Nike Airs

MARCH 27 – APRIL 24 2017 | TORONTO

Nike launched their new shoe innovation, Nike Air VaporMax with a bold and colourful campaign on Astral Out of Home’s TSAs, murals and horizontal faces in Toronto. The campaign’s vibrant colours stand out against the urban background of the city to make a strong statement and grab the consumer’s attention.

A double-sided horizontal billboard features a lugged on extension of a 2D hand holding the new shoe. The Nike Air VaporMax is backlit with LED lighting making a bold statement on the night skyline. A mural in the core of the city featured the Nike Air VaporMax with their tagline “KISS MY AIRS” in shiny silver vinyl. Multiple transit shelters across the city featured full wraps with LED lighting drawing focus to the new shoe.

Media Agency: Jungle Media
 Creative Agency: Anomaly