The agency Alfred, in collaboration with Astral Out of Home and QuatreCentQuatre, launched an innovative advertising campaign for Hertel, aimed at helping people deal with messy roommates who never seem to get the message when they’re told to pick up after themselves.
The advertiser’s website had a dedicated space where people could give guilty roommates a housecleaning ultimatum to put more pressure on them to clean up their act. The ultimatums were then posted in real time on an Astral Out of Home large-format digital billboard – the perfect way to make the message loud and clear.
The billboard was posted for 24 hours on the Hertel website and on Facebook Live (see the video).

Advertiser: Hertel – Sylvie Jenneau, Andréa Paquin-Lessard, Mylène Côté
Agency: Alfred
Creative Director: Jean-François Bernier
Creative Writers: Martin Charron, Marc-Antoine Fortier
Art Director: Nicolas Rivard
Account Services: Johanna Lessard, Fanny Richelet, Krystelle Ruest, Audrey-Kim Poulin
Strategy: France Guay, Marilyse Dionne
Social Strategy: Marie-Anne Larochelle
Production: Général Films – Fanny Richelet, Antoine Bernier
Director: Édith Jorish
Web Production: QuatreCentQuatre
Media: OMD, Alfred
Public Relations: Canidé
Music: JD Leblanc