L’École nationale de l’humour


The École nationale de l’humour partnered with Lg2 to promote its 28th Annual Graduates Comedy Tour. In collaboration with Astral Out of Home, a video stunt was deployed using hidden cameras. Passers-by were invited to pull a finger sticking out of a Megacolumn ad face. The finger actually belonged to a real, live person hiding inside the column. When people pulled the finger, they heard a flatulence noise and felt a gust of wind on their face. Then, to thank them for playing along, they were slipped a pair of comedy show tickets through a slot in the column structure.

Although the objective was to promote the comedy tour and get a laugh from passers-by, the message goes a bit deeper: it demonstrates all the thought and technique that goes into creating a great gag.

Media Agency: lg2
Creative Agency: lg2